Compaction Control for Soil Compactors

Trimble compaction control systems help you roll a more efficient pattern so you can reach target passes and density faster.

Trimble Earthworks for Soil Compactors
Work Smarter

Features and Benefits

Continuous compaction control for contractors who require compaction measurement capability, display and mapping of compaction measurements in real-time and on-machine documentation of compaction results.

Full-Color Graphical Display

  • View compaction progress, pass counts and optional display and recording of the compacted soil stiffness on an easy-to-use color display

Intelligent Compaction

  • Compact surface material and check finished grade accuracy in the same process
  • Achieve increased durability, stability and load-bearing capacity

Landfill Compactor Support

  • Trimble Earthworks supports four-drum landfill compactors with the Landfill Compaction Algorithm (LCA). This RTK solution determines the level of waste compaction through elevation change based on the size class of the machine.

Actionable Data

  • Continuously monitor pass counts and compaction measurement values (CMV) over the entire area
  • Collect and document comprehensive, real-time compaction data
  • Analyze data in the office to generate detailed reports and documentation to meet project specifications

Trimble Earthworks Horizontal Steering Control
Focus on Grade

Horizontal Steering Control functionality allows the operator to focus on grade, machine productivity and safety rather than worrying about steering. Watch the video to see it in action!

  • Automatically control the machine to follow any horizontal alignment from the 3D model
  • Enables operators of all levels to roll a more efficient pattern to reach target passes and density faster
  • Increase situational awareness and achieve better accuracy
  • Improve productivity with decreased overlap and fewer passes

Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform for Soil Compactors

The premium single-GNSS system for improving soil compaction operations and rolling a more efficient surface allows you to accurately control the compaction process, while reducing unnecessary passes.Trimble Earthworks is now available in a subscription model with flexible terms to modernize your equipment with no large upfront cost.

Intuitive Software

  • Personalize the interface to match your workflow and a variety of configurable views make it easier to see the right perspective for maximum productivity
  • Colorful graphics, natural interactions and gestures, and self-discovery features make Trimble Earthworks intuitive and easy to learn

Efficient Compaction

  • Pass count mapping to monitor the number of passes and avoid over or under-compaction
  • Achieve compaction target faster, more accurately and with less rework
  • Reduce over-compaction to optimize fuel use and machine time such as work previously completed versus work completed that day
  • Improve testing success, reduce rework and lower ongoing maintenance costs

Connected Construction

  • Supervisors and quality managers can monitor compaction activities in real-time, and operators can immediately identify the areas that require further compaction using Trimble WorksOS and Trimble Earthworks
  • Collect and document comprehensive, real-time compaction data
  • Analyze data in the office to generate detailed reports and documentation to meet project specifications

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